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3D Scale Parts is Family Business that started as a Model kit hobby.  Over time I felt like my 3D modeling skills I used in my day job and the release of the 3D Printing world could solve the problems the model community and myself were having with the limitations the model kits have.  In 2007 I was using a 3D Printing company but their high prices only got higher and that is when I decided to print my own parts to be able to make parts more affordable with a better return.  The Car Model  Community has been my inspiration in very many ways I have never imagined. 


I was five years old and continue to this day.

Twenty plus years in the video game industry as a 3D artist specializing in environments, props, vehicles and architecture.  I like to work with a limited degree of freedom and constraint.  Contact me with your ideas and lets see what can happen! 


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